Electronic Waste

Innovative is proudly partnered with EPRA – Electronic Products Recycling Association

In an effort to keep hazardous chemicals out of our landfills the Nova Scotia government has banned electronics from garbage. Instead end–of–life electronics are recyclable through a network of drop off depots across the province.

The following items can be dropped–off for recycling at an EPRA location:

  • Televisions
  • Desktop, laptop and notebook computers — includes CPUs, keyboards, mice, cables and other components in the computer
  • Computer monitors
  • Printers, fax machines and scanners
  • Audio and video playback and recording systems — includes VCRs, DVD players, speakers, MP3 players, radios, cameras, etc.
  • Telephones and answering machines

What’s Not In

Click the Link Below to Find Out what’s Not Accepted


For more information on how to responsibly manage recycling and other forms of waste, please visit the aces website http://www.eprassociation.ca/

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