Robot in a Machine caught in Wolfville, Nova Scotia by Gabriel Both

Nick Cox, a musician in Nova Scotia, was artfully strumming his guitar on the Wolfville harbour wharf, when he was approached by a slightly eccentric character with a movie camera.

“Do you want to make a music video?” Steve Wilsack inquired, and before long, such a video was produced.  Steve showed the rest of the crew at Innovative the film of Nick’s performance, and one member, Gabriel Both, was intrigued by the possibilities.  “I knew that I could do something similar with my own music compositions,” said Gabe in a recent interview.

With Steve and the rest of the ‘Innovative Crew’, Gabe began developing his music to a music video. Many locations were utilized throughout the duration, among them, Wile’s Laundromat, The Wolfville Harbour Raft, the Skateboard park, Pete’s, and even the Wolfville town council meeting.

The public feedback was unanimous; everyone wanted to see and hear more.

After council said Wolfville was ‘busker-friendly’, Gabe performed on the streets in front of the Just Us! Cafe and Al Whittle theatre, the Front Street Cafe, the Creative Hair Salon, and even ‘The Market’ on Main Street.

Eventually, enough footage was collected, and Innovative set to producing a music video for his newest creation: “Robot in a Machine”

For more music by Gabriel Both, go to:

A Unique Look at Blomidon from the Wolfville Harbour. Nova Scotia Long Weekend here we come!

Acadia 2013 Graduation in Wolfville, NS

Our Backyard Playground – Springtime in Wolfville

L’Arche Fundraising Event in Wolfville. Suzanne Balcom and Friends Bond Evening

Innovative’s Outdoor Office on the Mudflats of Wolfville, Nova Scotia


A Celebration of our Community

Community Celebration in Wolfville, Nova Scotia – May 7, 2013

Wolfville’s community celebration was a great success! Many faces, voices and performers took to the stage to contribute to the marvelous community on May 7th at the Theatre Festival at Acadia University.  Innovative was on hand live broadcasting the event, along with snapping a few photos of the great event.

Go to our link to find raw video  footage of the performance:

Also check out Carmen Peng who is 8 years old playing the violin. Video by Innovative.

A look at Wolfville, NS From a Different Perspective

Innovative and the Boths team up to fly this classic aircraft from Wolfville’s Harbour. From this view the scenery is positively spellbinding! A true testament to the natural beauty of the Annapolis Valley’s landscape. Special thanks to the Boths and Innovative in New Minas, Nova Scotia to make this digital flight possible.

Women in Technology – Discussion in Wolfville

A documentary and discussion about women’s involvement in technology and the challenges faced was held in Wolfville on Monday, May 6th.

Here is the raw live stream from the event.

Go to  to view more information about this event.


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