Robot in a Machine caught in Wolfville, Nova Scotia by Gabriel Both

Nick Cox, a musician in Nova Scotia, was artfully strumming his guitar on the Wolfville harbour wharf, when he was approached by a slightly eccentric character with a movie camera.

“Do you want to make a music video?” Steve Wilsack inquired, and before long, such a video was produced.  Steve showed the rest of the crew at Innovative the film of Nick’s performance, and one member, Gabriel Both, was intrigued by the possibilities.  “I knew that I could do something similar with my own music compositions,” said Gabe in a recent interview.

With Steve and the rest of the ‘Innovative Crew’, Gabe began developing his music to a music video. Many locations were utilized throughout the duration, among them, Wile’s Laundromat, The Wolfville Harbour Raft, the Skateboard park, Pete’s, and even the Wolfville town council meeting.

The public feedback was unanimous; everyone wanted to see and hear more.

After council said Wolfville was ‘busker-friendly’, Gabe performed on the streets in front of the Just Us! Cafe and Al Whittle theatre, the Front Street Cafe, the Creative Hair Salon, and even ‘The Market’ on Main Street.

Eventually, enough footage was collected, and Innovative set to producing a music video for his newest creation: “Robot in a Machine”

For more music by Gabriel Both, go to:

Acadia 2013 Graduation in Wolfville, NS

Temporarily Stranded on An “Island” in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Classes are finished for Acadia, a group of relieved students decided to hit the Wolfville harbour yesterday afternoon, making way to the edge of the waterside where they plotted themselves on the ground entirely unaware of anything but their own circumference of friends. Approximately an hour later they were dismayed to find the surrounding area enveloped with water! The hastily made their way across in the knee deep (freezing) April water and found themselves safe on dry land. Wolfville experiences the Bay of Fundy’s record setting tides each day as water fills and drains from the Wolfville Harbour, which is the world’s smallest harbour. Innovative urges fellow wanderers to please take extra caution when exploring the water.

Acadia Robotic Competition 2013

Our team at Innovative had the pleasure of attending the day at Acadia’s Robot Programming Competition.  We discovered much more about the program than we could have anticipated. Not only are these students learning advanced math and computer skills with hands on techniques; they’re gaining teamwork ethics, communication skills and above all having fun!  Well done Acadia…well done!

Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens. Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Home of Acadia University.

Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens.  Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Home of Acadia University.

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