Monday Morning Stroll Through Wolfville Dykes

Town Council Passes 336 Main Street Development in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Town Council Passes 336 Main Street Development in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Micro Living Boutique approved by Wolfville council –

An Uncommon Roadside Attraction in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia

For those uncommon at heart, you’ll certainly appreciated this new roadside attraction located in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia. Of all the large roadside attractions in Nova Scotia , I think it’s safe to look at Mercury Rising and affectionately see it as an unconventional statue.

This stellar piece of art was created by sculpture artists Nicole Evans and Pat Farrell. Nicole and Pat are part of  “Uncommon Common Art” a non for profit corporation. Visit their website at or find them on Facebook to discover more about this art project community.

Just for fun here’s a link to the various roadside attractions in Nova Scotia:

Town Council Tables 336 Main Street Development in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

A town council meeting was held at the Town Hall in the Town of Wolfville concerning the 336 Main Street Development Proposal on June 18, 2013 (65 Unit Apartment building with Commercial space). The council tabled the motion for their next council meeting in July.  Here is the link to the meeting:

Fishing in The Annapolis Valley (Nova Scotia)

A peculiar fishing day on the water. One of the local fishing holes  revealed some fine underwater specimens. It became quickly apparent for the local fishermen,  the bass they had intended to catch were not so readily available….a skate and jellyfish appeared floating by or happened to happily grab one of the lowered hooks.  Eventually the dark waters showed pity on the lads and not too long before all heart and hope had vanished for the day, low-and-behold a proper Striped Bass had found a certain delicacy attached to a shimmering hook and decided to bite.  The Annapolis Valley is a great fishing spot in Nova Scotia.

Flown the Coop – Wolfville, NS

It’s come to our attention that a certain dark crusader a.k.a Sir Raven, has taken our beloved robin chicks under-wing. I guess Mr. and Mrs. Robin were feeling the pressure of the newborns and proposed an adoption plan with their dear friend Sir Raven.raven

Innovative will be on the look out for any interesting wildlife activity in the area to broadcast. If you have any propositions please let us know by sending us your request via the comment section below or by sending us an email through

Tragedy in the Trees – Wolfville, NS

Innovative has issued an APB in Wolfville, NS. Approximately 4:30 pm on June 6th a nest of four robin chicks have been discovered missing. It’s a sad and disappointing fact to face that the little ones have disappeared before having progressed onto the fledgling stage.

A sum of $50.00 will be awarded for any additional information that can be given as to possible suspects or suspicious activity regarding this incident. Who might the culprit be? We are in the midst reviewing our surveillance footage, once our evidence has established a final explanation we will notify the public. In the video above we displayed some possible suspects we have in mind.

A Perfect Day on the Wolfville Harbour – Only in Nova Scotia!

It’s just an average day on the water at the Wolfville Harbour, until the moment a peculiar visual comes into sight….thinking at this point that it’s likely a little bit too much time  in the sun, perhaps a mirage had appeared on the water. Then wait, it’s the kindred harbour dweller, Captain Don Cooper aboard a small Starfish vessel, flaunting colourful sails, floating in the harbour.  Another Innovative moment included a crew who travelled from Cheverie to the Wolfville Harbour.  We also spotted a soul seeker hand paddling from Wolfville to Port Williams. We discovered he was in fact a lifeguard and surely having the proper gusto and knowledge required to make the trip without too much effort. Yes, just another ordinary day on the water by the Harbour Master.

An Egg-cellent Hatching Event in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Congratulations to Mrs. Robinson on her new addition to the nest. It’s a rare thing indeed to witness an entire process of a robin chick hatching from the comfort of it’s blue speckled egg. These are the experiences that are both  gratifying and illuminating moments of wildlife in our own backyard. Another note worth making, we’ve been notified of a few classrooms that are keeping track of a very educational egg-hatching progress. Soon her nest will be full of pretty little peeping robins, only three more to crack!

Have a look at the time lapse video above or to view the raw full-length footage, as well as a live broadcast, please go to:

Extensive Road Construction in Wolfville, NS

It’s springtime in the Annapolis Valley and that means the grass is green, birds are singing, the air is buzzing with bees……. and those dreadful, rim bending, tire blowing, car enveloping monster craters are back! Well,  perhaps not for long. Our hard working construction workers are coming to the rescue; fast removing the old and in with the new.
Please take caution, be patient and drive carefully while our workers are out restoring our roads.

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