Temporarily Stranded on An “Island” in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Classes are finished for Acadia, a group of relieved students decided to hit the Wolfville harbour yesterday afternoon, making way to the edge of the waterside where they plotted themselves on the ground entirely unaware of anything but their own circumference of friends. Approximately an hour later they were dismayed to find the surrounding area enveloped with water! The hastily made their way across in the knee deep (freezing) April water and found themselves safe on dry land. Wolfville experiences the Bay of Fundy’s record setting tides each day as water fills and drains from the Wolfville Harbour, which is the world’s smallest harbour. Innovative urges fellow wanderers to please take extra caution when exploring the water.

Trails, Parks and Wildlife, Oh My!

Spring fever has officially begun. The birds are singing in celebration of the fine weather we’re having in Annapolis Valley, NS.

Having a grand time exploring  Wolfville’s woodland trails.

Old Meets New?

Acadia Robot Programming Competition 2013

Wolfville Public Hearing – Photos -3 D Model-Video Highlights

After much discussion from meeting on the Main Street development, Town Council has planned a follow-up meeting for January 29, 2013  Check for updates for more details to come.

In case you missed out on the public development meeting, we have additional video footage available online at http://new.livestream.com/innovative/events/1691691

Kenny’s Farm Market Saved by Local Fire Department


An overnight fire seriously damaged the back portion of the home of Kenny’s Farm Market owner in Wolfville.
Two people escaped a house fire in Wolfville early Nov. 25.

Wolfville fire Chief Kirk Fredericks said smoke alarms woke a man and a woman in time to leave the house at Kenny’s Farm Market at the corner of Main Street and Maple Avenue.

The chief said the fire started in the porch at the back of home around 2:45 a.m., heavily damaging the kitchen and two upstairs bedrooms.

“We had to open up some of the walls and the ceiling to fight it,” he said. An overnight fire seriously damaged the back portion of the home of Kenny’s Farm Market owner in Wolfville. An overnight fire seriously damaged the back portion of the home of Kenny’s Farm Market owner in Wolfville. [Read more…]

A Day on the Harbour – Highest Tides in 90 Years

Several locals were drawn to Wolfville’s waterfront during high and low tide, this past weekend (November 17-18th).  Highest tides recorded in 90 years.

The highest tides on planet Earth occur near Wolfville, in Nova Scotia’s Minas Basin. The water level at high tide can be as much as 16 metres (52 feet) higher than at low tide.
High tides happen every 12 hours and 25 minutes (or nearly an hour later each day) because of the changing position of the Moon in its orbit around the Earth.

At mid-tide, the flow in Minas Channel north of Blomidon equals the combined flow of all the rivers and streams on Earth! (info from the following website-  For further info, go to http://www.thehighesttides.com

World’s Highest Tides – Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Gaspereau Vineyards Ranked in the Top 25 Wineries of Canada

Article by Taste of Nova Scotia


Gaspereau, N.S. – For the first time ever, a Nova Scotia winery has been named one of Canada’s Top 25 Wineries.  Gaspereau Vineyards, located in the Gaspereau Valley, south of Wolfville, has recently learned about their placing.

“We are so proud of our winemaker, Gina Haverstock and the whole team at Gaspereau Vineyards. Placing 16th out of the 25 top wineries in this country is a first, a wonderful tribute to some great winemaking and it’s a milestone for the Nova Scotia wine industry to be recognized amongst the more established and larger wineries across the country,” says Carl Sparkes, owner of Gaspereau Vineyards.

In addition to the Top 25 award, Gaspereau entered their first ever traditional method sparkling wine, the 2009 Pinot Noir Brut, only to have it become a Gold Medal Winner in the sparkling wine category.  “I am truly blown away by this win.  This is a national competition and we were up against wineries from Ontario and British Columbia, wineries who have been making this type of wine for years.   2009 was the first year  Gaspereau Vineyards made traditional method sparkling so to get a score of 91 and win a gold medal is really, very special.” says the Nova Scotia born, European-trained Haverstock. [Read more…]

David Boyd Visits Wolfville

David Boyd, leading environmental lawyer, launches new book, The Right to a Healthy Environment.


News from Nova Scotia’s Grassroots

Natascia Lypny

Building on his previous book, The Environmental Rights Revolution (2012), David Boyd describes how recognizing the constitutional right to a healthy environment could have a transformative impact, empowering citizens, holding governments and industry accountable, and improving Canada’s green record. David’s new book, The Right to a Healthy Environment, makes the case that constitutional recognition of environmental rights and responsibilities would both reflect and reinforce Canadian values, much as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms confirmed and enhanced our commitment to equality. Copies of The Right to a Healthy Environment, signed by the author, will be available for purchase. [Read more…]

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