A Day Trip to New Ross Farm Museum (New Ross, Nova Scotia)

Summer vacation isn’t complete without a day trip out to New Ross Farm. A classic favourite for the family; visit the heritage homes dating back to 1817  of Captain Ross’s family. Enjoy demonstrations of heritage skills and crafts and several hands-on activities such as planting, candle making and wood-working and much more.

For more information on summer & winter activities please visit: http://museum.gov.ns.ca/rfm/en/home/default.aspx

A Perfect Day on the Water in the Minas Basin (Wolfville, Nova Scotia)

Two sailboats were sighted sailing together this past weekend in the Annapolis Valley.  The local sailors took advantage of the perfect water conditions to enjoy the high seas of the Wolfville Harbour and the Minas Basin.



A Quest for Discovery-The Shipwreck Called the Montague (Nova Scotia)

Nova Scotia is no stranger to shipwrecks.  In fact, Nova Scotia has the greatest collection of shipwrecks in North America.

This leads us to the main course in our written meal: the search for the Montague.  According to local sources, in 1760, the brigantine capsized in the Canard River after completing its mission. The vessel ventured into low tide, then the Montague struck a sandbar and was left stranded in the mud.  It wasn’t long until the rough water stripped it and hauled the vessel beneath it’s shadowy waters.

The Kings Historical Society and Innovative have teamed together on a voyage for more answers about the Montague.

If you have any additional information about the Montague, please contact us at info@ih.ca

For more information regarding the history of the Montage, here is a column written by Ed Coleman, from the Kings County Advertiser/ Register http://www.kingscountynews.ca

Refresh Annapolis Valley

To find more information about this community project go to http://refreshannapolisvalley.org/

Mahone Bay Boathouse Community Only in Nova Scotia

Mahone Bay, a quaint seaside town that truly embraces the art of living. When fraught with the conflicting ideas of owning a cottage or a boat, instead of biting the bullet and choosing one luxury over the other, there’s been a few keen residents that harboured the perfect solution to their dilemma. Taking best of both worlds, the charming aspects of a cottage and the versatility of a boat, combined together the creation of a boathouse is born! These delightful water-dwelling getaways may inspire you on your next “handy-man” construction project.

Intertribal Gathering Special Evening at White Point Beach Resort, Nova Scotia

June 20, 2013

An Uncommon Roadside Attraction in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia

For those uncommon at heart, you’ll certainly appreciated this new roadside attraction located in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia. Of all the large roadside attractions in Nova Scotia , I think it’s safe to look at Mercury Rising and affectionately see it as an unconventional statue.

This stellar piece of art was created by sculpture artists Nicole Evans and Pat Farrell. Nicole and Pat are part of  “Uncommon Common Art” a non for profit corporation. Visit their website at www.uncommoncommonart.com or find them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/uncommoncommonart to discover more about this art project community.

Just for fun here’s a link to the various roadside attractions in Nova Scotia: http://www.roadsideattractions.ca/novascotia.htm

An Innovative Night at the Apple Blossom Fair in New Minas, NS

Innovative’s sprightly events coordinator, Spencer Moody takes you for a spin through Apple Blossom’s ever popular fair. It’s evident Spencer  has more than an vague idea of  the sensational (and less than sensational) side affects caused by  each and every individual carnival ride that he encounters. Spencer takes us for a tour through the labyrinth of lights, ride operators, cotton candy stands and of course the array of vibrant metal chariots (more often referred to as fair rides…). As for the remaining details, we’ll let the video speak for itself. The weird and wonderful world of a traveling fair. Enjoy the Apple Blossom weekend!

Full Bloom in the Annapolis Valley, NS

It’s almost physically impossible not to be brimming with happiness, the most uplifting time of the year in the Annapolis Valley has arrived, it’s the beginning of a promising summer. Our blossoms have peaked into a fresh array of shades in ivory whites, pretty pinks, popping purples, radiant reds and benevolent petals of blue.

Robot in a Machine caught in Wolfville, Nova Scotia by Gabriel Both

Nick Cox, a musician in Nova Scotia, was artfully strumming his guitar on the Wolfville harbour wharf, when he was approached by a slightly eccentric character with a movie camera.

“Do you want to make a music video?” Steve Wilsack inquired, and before long, such a video was produced.  Steve showed the rest of the crew at Innovative the film of Nick’s performance, and one member, Gabriel Both, was intrigued by the possibilities.  “I knew that I could do something similar with my own music compositions,” said Gabe in a recent interview.

With Steve and the rest of the ‘Innovative Crew’, Gabe began developing his music to a music video. Many locations were utilized throughout the duration, among them, Wile’s Laundromat, The Wolfville Harbour Raft, the Skateboard park, Pete’s, and even the Wolfville town council meeting.

The public feedback was unanimous; everyone wanted to see and hear more.

After council said Wolfville was ‘busker-friendly’, Gabe performed on the streets in front of the Just Us! Cafe and Al Whittle theatre, the Front Street Cafe, the Creative Hair Salon, and even ‘The Market’ on Main Street.

Eventually, enough footage was collected, and Innovative set to producing a music video for his newest creation: “Robot in a Machine”

For more music by Gabriel Both, go to:  https://soundcloud.com/gabrielboth

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