Innovacorp I-3 Start-Up Program Competition Announced at Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia start-ups have a chance to compete for up to $225,000 through Innovacorp’s provincial I-3 Technology Start-Up Competition.

The I-3 competition was announced for the region at Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia on September 9, 2013.   The program finds and supports high potential, early stage knowledge-based companies, and encourages entrepreneurial activity across the province.

Check out the streamed event  by Innovative  at

An Educational Innovative moment

“Knowledge-based companies like the ones this competition discovers are key to sustaining a thriving economy in Nova Scotia,” said Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Minister Graham Steele. “Innovacorp’s I-3 competition supports the jobsHere priorities of innovation and competitiveness.”

The competition will take place in five geographic zones across the province. Each zone winner is awarded $100,000 in cash and in-kind business building services with the second place zone winners taking home $40,000 in cash and services.

New this year are cash awards of $25,000 for the best overall submission in information and communications technology, [Read more…]

Ancient Mi’kmaw Culture Re-Emerged June 20 & 21st at White Point, Nova Scotia

Ancient Mi’Kmaw Culture Re-Emerged- June 20 & 21, 2013) Acadia First Nation was a grand and spectacular experience. For those who attended, this photo montage will be meaningful, for everyone else, you’ll get a sense of the amazing journey we embarked up and shared – one we will never forget!

Town Council Tables 336 Main Street Development in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

A town council meeting was held at the Town Hall in the Town of Wolfville concerning the 336 Main Street Development Proposal on June 18, 2013 (65 Unit Apartment building with Commercial space). The council tabled the motion for their next council meeting in July.  Here is the link to the meeting:

Kespukwitk Celebrated: ANCIENT MI’KMAW Culture ReEmerges at White Point Beach Resort in Liverpool, Nova Scotia- June 20th and June 21st.

 Kespukwitk Celebrated: ANCIENT MI’KMAW Culture ReEmerges

Immerse yourself in a deeply enriching past and present Mi’kmaw culture . White Point Lodge in Hunts Point, Nova Scotia is celebrating Kespukwitk.  You can find all the details here on A wide  range of impressive artistry work, artifacts and presentations will be showcasing over the the two day period.AncientMikmawCulture

Innovative will be broadcasting live at all the while exploring the deeply set culture of our land and history. Check us out over the next 48 hours.

Discover a truly captivating and enlightening event that will leave you feeling a deeper appreciation and broader set knowledge of the aboriginal culture.Mingle with the devoted artists such as: jeweler, Sheila Porter and traditional leather work artist and beader, Cherry Whynot. Indulge your inner child, learning from Canadian Museum of Civilization’s archaeologist Dr. Mathew Betts; you’ll be glad you did. That’s just a taste of what’s to come, check our website for further updates as the event comes closer into view.

Discover and explore the Shell Middens, Petroglyphs, and 10,000 artifacts of the Mersey – it’s a journey back more than 10,000 years with our guides, the Mi’Kmaq of Acadia First Nation and their ancestors. Explore the shell middens of Port Joli with Dr. Matthew Betts of the Museum of Civilization, re-discover the largest collection of Petroglyphs (history/stories in stone) in Eastern North America and a collection of artifacts that reveal a way of life and use of an ancient travelway 10,000 years in use. Participate in and admire the Circle Dance and on Summer Solstice (June 21) welcome the sun at the Traditional Sunrise Ceremony (5:30am), experience the Mi’Kmaw Village and explore traditions and practices more than 10,000 years rich This will be a 2 day experience like no other, and a chance of a lifetime as we gather to celebrate, acknowledge, share and experience the Mi’Kmaw heritage of our region with all who gather.
Explore the entire 2 day program in depth now and don’t miss this unique experience!

LIVE Webstream: Can’t make it to the event but interested in the presentations? Drop in to to see the live steaming of the event!

Mi’Kmaw Culture Re-Emerges in Liverpool, Nova Scotia

10,000 years of Mi’Kmaw Culture Re-Emerges in Nova Scotia

Liverpool, June 5, 2013 – For over 10,000 years, the drum has been the heartbeat of Southwest Nova Scotia and in honour of National Aboriginal Day and the Summer Solstice, Acadia First Nation is hosting a groundbreaking event at White Point Beach Resort on June 20 and 21, Ancient Mi’Kmaw Culture Re-Emerges.

Offering unique insights into this ancient culture, guests of the two-day event will embark on a journey through more than 10,000 years of Mi’Kmaq presence in “Kespukwitk”, the area encompassed by today’s UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve.  Dr. Matthew Betts, the lead archaeologist in Atlantic Canada for the Canadian Museum of Civilization, will reveal the fascinating 3,000-year-old story uncovered on the shores of Port Joli; Nova Scotia experts will interpret and present the thousands of artifacts found on the riverbed of the oldest travelway in the province – the Mersey River; and the largest collection of petroglyphs found in Eastern North America at Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site will be retraced during this event.

Master of Ceremonies and Acadia First Nation Community Enhancement Development Officer Melanie Purdy is thrilled about the program created for this event.  “We are so pleased to share and highlight the depth, wealth and beauty of our culture through these historical elements against a backdrop of a cultural experiences program presented by our community.”  A Circle Dance, a Summer Solstice Sunrise Ceremony on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, a Mi’Kmaw Artists Showcase, a traditional Wigwam Village and Lunch featuring a Medicine Plant walk, traditional craft and tool demonstrations and drumming and dance will be among the experiences that will round out this gathering.  “We are proud to showcase and honour our heritage in such a dynamic way, inviting our guests to explore, discover and fully appreciate our presence in Kespukwitk, dating back more than 10,000 years.”

Respected and celebrated traditional Mi’Kmaq birchbark canoe builder Todd Labrador is intimately involved as he showcases his canoes and conducts various ceremonies including the Summer Solstice Sunrise Ceremony on National Aboriginal Day. Labrador, a member of the planning committee, says this event is one of which he is particularly proud to be part of. “This gathering enables us to honour our ancestors and more importantly share insights into our teachings, learnings and culture with the greater community, it is an honour” says Labrador.

Eric LeBel, Superintendent at Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site says they are excited to be a partner and presenter at the event. “This gathering is groundbreaking. The Acadia First Nation community is truly inspiring and is surrounded by a very passionate team working to share the story of the Mi’Kmaq in this region.”

Organizers say they are pleased with the response. Judy Boutilier, Cultural Officer with Acadia First Nation, says the 2 day program presented along the shores of the Atlantic at White Point Beach Resort is perfect settling.  Boutilier says, “While guests are welcome to join us for one or both days, many are opting for the overnight package ensuring they don’t miss the 5:30am Sunrise Ceremony on Summer Solstice.” For those unable to attend in person, organizers have made arrangements to have the event live streamed over the Internet

“The enthusiasm and excitement surrounding ‘Ancient Mi’Kmaw Culture Re-Emerges’ has been astounding. It is such a privilege to be hosting this gathering here at White Point” says White Point’s Marketing Manager, Donna Hatt, “being part of the planning team has been a privilege and the support has been overwhelming.”

‘Ancient Mi’Kmaw Culture Re-Emerges’ program is available online at For registration information, visit  or call 1-800-565-5068.

Flown the Coop – Wolfville, NS

It’s come to our attention that a certain dark crusader a.k.a Sir Raven, has taken our beloved robin chicks under-wing. I guess Mr. and Mrs. Robin were feeling the pressure of the newborns and proposed an adoption plan with their dear friend Sir Raven.raven

Innovative will be on the look out for any interesting wildlife activity in the area to broadcast. If you have any propositions please let us know by sending us your request via the comment section below or by sending us an email through

“Hello Mrs. Robinson” – A Fine Feathered Friend Spotted in Wolfville, NS

A fine-feathered-friend has been discovered nesting in a backyard of . Our red-bellied friend, Mrs. Robinson happens to be expecting; her and  four freckled sky-blue jewels have been caught on camera, we’re broadcasting live at :

Be sure to check for updates on Mrs. Robinson and her soon-to-be hatchlings!

Wolfville Night Rail Jam a Huge Success-Innovative Video Highlights.

While the majority of Maritimer’s are pleading in vain for the snow to vanish, it seems the quaint town of Wolfville has a different opinion on the matter. Central Avenue, Wolfville, Nova Scotia was filled with snow while  local snowboard enthusiasts flaunted the crowd with their mad, slick tricks in the street on March 7, 2013, during the 1st Annual Night Rail Jam.  Innovative was there to capture the video highlights.

Innovative’s live streaming archive is  here: 

Town of Wolfville Visits Development Proposal

development meeting

A month has passed since the last Development Committee Meeting, held on Dec 20th, 2012. Inviting the new year, the town council’s  decision is drawing near.  You’re input, to put it mildly, is crucial to the town’s final decision. The proposition remains to be dominated by strong conflicting emotions; some see it as  progress, others see it as a less desirable opportunity,  believing the infrastructure will taint the whimsical personality of the town.
The proposal includes a three storey, commercial/residential complex with 500 square metres of commercial space, and 71 residential units.

Information on  the last development meeting visit:

Innovative will be broadcasting live tonight. Begin time 6:30 pm.   Visit:

Express your concerns and questions by emailing us at

Time & Place:
Tuesday, January 22 2013, 6:30 pm
Wolfville Fire Hall
355 Main Street, Wolfville

White Point Beach Lodge – Innovative Streaming


Discover what  happened at Nova Scotia’s favourite seaside retreat this past weekend.   (Weekend of Jan. 12, 2013)

Innovative had a blast live streaming the ocean, a little concert in the lounge, a fitness class, and the unveiling of their famous quilt.  Check it all out at:


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