About Us

We are a locally owned and operated technology company in New Minas, Nova Scotia. We specialize in video production and streaming (we take care of all of the video editing too!).  We love what we do, hence we take great pride in our work.

Whether you’re looking to capture you’re daughter in a bumblebee costume for school stage performance, sun-light exposure on a newly developed product or business, perhaps there’s an extraordinary local event happening in your community… the possibilities are endless. Seek no further, you’ve come to the right place, celebrate your story with us.

Retire your old electronics at no charge and have peace of mind that you’re disposing of them in an environmentally friendly fashion. At our location we provide an electronic waste drop-off service, through EPRA a not-for-profit entity. For more information on recycling your end-of-life electronics please visit www.eprassociation.ca/

Have a peek our display of various antique radios, cameras and other commodities of a golden time.  We refer to our modest museum affectionately as, ‘The Innovative Museum of Technology Through the Ages’. We’ve been fortunate enough to catch the attention of antique radio hobbyist, Kevin Christopher. Kevin is the captain of a lost art and has has spent many-an-hour to restore and perfect the details and functionality of these beauties of a forgotten time.


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