The Discovery of the Lost Montague Officially Begins. An Innovative Journey with the Kings Historical Society.

Innovative has teamed alongside the Kings Historical Society on an  exciting hunt for the Montague ship, a brigantine that was commissioned for carrying provisions and settlers for the townships of Minas and Canard in the 1700’s.

The ship was caught in what was once navigable waters of the Canard River, at low tide in 1760. Naturally it was then abandoned and slowly disappeared under the notorious waters.  The vessel’s sad fate was sealed when the mast was picked away by unauthorized scavengers.

Some believe the  Montague may be salvageable while others believe all is lost.  The last known location of the brigantine is believed to be in the Canard River, near Porters Point.

Here’s a link to a recent article written by local historian, Ed Coleman regarding the Montague.  Ed Refers to a column he wrote back in May and gives a detailed description of the shipwreck’s history. 

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