Sandpipers Delight in Sunny Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Take a 30 second break.

The Sandpipers say “O Wolfville, O Nova Scotia, O Canada”


Rain, Sun, Clouds…all perfect for the perfect dive into the Wolfville Harbour.


The Wolfville Harbour is for the Birds. What a Morning.

Delhaven Boat Visits Wolfville Harbour (Nova Scotia)

During the high tide at the Wolfville Harbour, a local fishing boat stops by for a quick stop at dockside.   What a great site to see!  Only in Wolfville, only in Nova Scotia.

The Hunt for the Montague Begins at the Churchill House in Hantsport, Nova Scotia

It’s an educational process as well as a road to discovery for Innovative and the Kings Historical Society. The  hunt  for the shipwrecked Montague is well underway, it starts here at the Churchill House in Hantsport, Nova Scotia.  A house built by a noted shipbuilder Ezra Churchill in 1860, serving today as  a museum and community centre for the Town of Hantsport. These walls might as well talk for you will find mounds of historical information of what was once a prominent shipbuilding industry in the Annapolis Valley.

Great Start to an Annapolis Valley Day

A Quest for Discovery-The Shipwreck Called the Montague (Nova Scotia)

Nova Scotia is no stranger to shipwrecks.  In fact, Nova Scotia has the greatest collection of shipwrecks in North America.

This leads us to the main course in our written meal: the search for the Montague.  According to local sources, in 1760, the brigantine capsized in the Canard River after completing its mission. The vessel ventured into low tide, then the Montague struck a sandbar and was left stranded in the mud.  It wasn’t long until the rough water stripped it and hauled the vessel beneath it’s shadowy waters.

The Kings Historical Society and Innovative have teamed together on a voyage for more answers about the Montague.

If you have any additional information about the Montague, please contact us at

For more information regarding the history of the Montage, here is a column written by Ed Coleman, from the Kings County Advertiser/ Register

Monday Morning Stroll Through Wolfville Dykes

Sunday Sunrise in Wolfville, Nova Scotia is Just Ducky!


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