The Celebration of The Life of Alex Colville. Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Alex Colville’s funeral was held July 24th at the Acadia’s Manning Memorial Chapel in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.  

If you missed the service, check out the link here…we are re-broadcasting the service at

Alex Colville was born 1920, in Toronto, Ontario. Alex Colville graduated from Mount Allison University in 1942, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  For further life information on his life click here.

Over the years Mr. Colville pursued his unique and extraordinary passion of painting. In 2010, one of his paintings dating 1953, ‘Man on the Verandah’, sold at an auction for over $1.1 million, the highest price one of his works received to date.

Mr. Colville died peacefully in his Wolfville home July 16th, 2013 at the age of 92.

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