Two Longs & One Short to Reach Kevin in New Minas, Nova Scotia

One Wheeled Car in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia?

Fishing in The Annapolis Valley (Nova Scotia)

A peculiar fishing day on the water. One of the local fishing holes  revealed some fine underwater specimens. It became quickly apparent for the local fishermen,  the bass they had intended to catch were not so readily available….a skate and jellyfish appeared floating by or happened to happily grab one of the lowered hooks.  Eventually the dark waters showed pity on the lads and not too long before all heart and hope had vanished for the day, low-and-behold a proper Striped Bass had found a certain delicacy attached to a shimmering hook and decided to bite.  The Annapolis Valley is a great fishing spot in Nova Scotia.

Just Another Special Day at the Wolfville Harbour (Nova Scotia)

Upcoming Privateer Days in Liverpool, Nova Scotia- June 21st to June 23rd.


“The British are coming, the British are coming!” An entire weekend of fun and celebration of days since past, begins on Friday June 21st through to Sunday June 23rd will be held in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. All the fun things you can only expect at a festival on the South Shore.

Explore this fascinating piece of our heritage while you gaze at a dazzling parade, revel in the reptile zoo or find yourself escaping the land and practice your “inner Privateer” at the Privateer Days Gala Weekend.

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Randall House offers Tea on Fridays in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Kentville police on scene of shooting. (Nova Scotia)

X’s and O’s in the Sky in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

JR loves the GrapeVine from Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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