Medicine Man – Tour Through White Point’s Nature Trail (Nova Scotia)

Laurie Lacey

Click on image to view raw video footage

Laurie Lacey is a specialist in Mi’kmaq plant medicines and ethnobotany, an author and naturalist. Laurie takes us for a tour through White Point Beach Resort’s nature trail, where he divulges nature’s secret remedies to cure any imaginable ailment or sickness. These plants and trees revealed by Laurie are prominent throughout the Maritimes and are often found in our own backyard. 

View Laurie’s revealed secrets of natural path remedies from the raw-unedited-uncut footage provided by Innovative:

Intertribal Gathering Special Evening at White Point Beach Resort, Nova Scotia

June 20, 2013

Premier Dexter Attends Summer Solstice Ceremony at White Point, Nova Scotia

Summer Solstice is Upon Us at White Point, Nova Scotia

Kevin Christopher Restores Another Gem in New Minas, Nova Scotia

One For the Ages

Bound by perfection, antique radio hobbyist: Kevin Christopher hasn’t let us down yet and isn’t about to. This 1950’s  Northern Electric Exchange Telephone was in a less-than-admirable state until it came of recent time to land in Kevin’s most competent hands and returned to Innovative’s “Museum of Antique Technology” in the most stunning condition.  Stop by Innovative in New Minas, Nova Scotia to see the beauty first hand and to check out all our antiques.

An Uncommon Roadside Attraction in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia

For those uncommon at heart, you’ll certainly appreciated this new roadside attraction located in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia. Of all the large roadside attractions in Nova Scotia , I think it’s safe to look at Mercury Rising and affectionately see it as an unconventional statue.

This stellar piece of art was created by sculpture artists Nicole Evans and Pat Farrell. Nicole and Pat are part of  “Uncommon Common Art” a non for profit corporation. Visit their website at or find them on Facebook to discover more about this art project community.

Just for fun here’s a link to the various roadside attractions in Nova Scotia:

Town Council Tables 336 Main Street Development in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

A town council meeting was held at the Town Hall in the Town of Wolfville concerning the 336 Main Street Development Proposal on June 18, 2013 (65 Unit Apartment building with Commercial space). The council tabled the motion for their next council meeting in July.  Here is the link to the meeting:

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