Public Hearing Held Regarding Proposed Development on 336 Main Street (Wolfville, Nova Scotia)

A public development meeting was held on June 6th  at the Town Hall in Wolfville. Residents of the town expressed concerns of possible issues with the size, the placement of garbage, lack of room for snow removal etc.

A resident and licensed architect, Vincent den Hartog, brought attention to a few discerning details of the conceptual drawings. While Mr. den Hartog is in full agreement with a commercial building along Main Street. Mr. den Hartog stated, “this particular building, due to its size and occupancy is required to be designed by an architect. Anyone who is producing drawings without being a licensed architect is essentially a contravention to the Architectural Act of Nova Scotia.”  It should be noted that the proposed developer plans to have full architect drawings if the project is approved by council.

An Acadia student and resident of Wolfville, Lindsey Doucette briefly expressed her belief that the town suffers a lack of student housing and pledged full support of the proposed building.  Others such as the Wolfville Business Development Corporation are in full support of the project.

The duration of the meeting was approximately and hour and a half, we have the raw material recorded from our broadcast, should you be interested in viewing, you can find it at following link:  Wolfville Public Hearing Raw Video Recording. A Town Council meeting  is scheduled to occur later this month on June 18 at the Town Hall.  At this time, the subject of 336 Main Street Development will be on the agenda.

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