Team iMoe has great fundraiser Sucess at the Innovation Summit, in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Team iMoe, who just recently won the Robotic championship at Acadia University, in Wolfville, Nova Scotia was in attendance at the Dinner Keynote-Patrick Horgan (V.P. Operations, IBM Canada).  The girls were fundraising before the event, plus each guest received a piece of their handmade collection at the dinner. Ray Ivany, President of Acadia University was very impressed with their display and all their success.

The tech-savvy group of junior high students presented its award-winning robot to innovation leaders from around the world at the province’s first Innovation Summit earlier  in the day. (April 16th).

The experience brings the all-girls team one step closer to showcasing its innovation on the international stage when they compete at the FIRST LEGO World Festival and Championship in St. Louis later this month.

Premier Darrell Dexter says the team is an inspiration to  any girl who thinks science and math is not for them. The premier says the amazing young ladies took a smart idea and turned it into a marketable product that is so amazing they are working to patent it. He says this is the kind of ingenuity the province wants to support.  The girls designed and programmed a robotic sensor to help seniors. The device attaches to a walker and alerts the user when they are beginning to lose their balance.

The province is giving the Bedford based, iMoe Robotics team more than $4000.  toward their trip to the competition on April 24-27. The girls qualified by winning the provincial title at the league’s Acadia University Robot Programming Competition last February.

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