Temporarily Stranded on An “Island” in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Classes are finished for Acadia, a group of relieved students decided to hit the Wolfville harbour yesterday afternoon, making way to the edge of the waterside where they plotted themselves on the ground entirely unaware of anything but their own circumference of friends. Approximately an hour later they were dismayed to find the surrounding area enveloped with water! The hastily made their way across in the knee deep (freezing) April water and found themselves safe on dry land. Wolfville experiences the Bay of Fundy’s record setting tides each day as water fills and drains from the Wolfville Harbour, which is the world’s smallest harbour. Innovative urges fellow wanderers to please take extra caution when exploring the water.

Al Whittle’s 60th Anniversary – Ross Chapman: The Dead Sheep Scrolls


“Whittle Big Man”- Performance by Andy & Ariana in Wolfville, NS

Whittle Big Man Gala – Jeremy Novak the Theatre Usher M.C.



Edaline Theatre Camp Performs at Whittle big Man

“Mona Parson’s Ghost”, Al Whittle’s 60th Anniversary Gala in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

“Whittle Big Man’s” Host: Bill Zimmerman

Al Whittle: My Life in Film, 1953-2000

A five minute documentary celebrating Al Whittle Theatre’s long-time manager, Al Ellsworth Whittle.

Al Whittle’s 60th Anniversary Gala, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, April 26, 2013

What wonderful evening in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.  The Whittle Big Man event was sold out.  This was a celebration and tribute to Mr. Wolfville, Al Whittle.  Innovative was on hand to capture photos and video of the event.  Innovative also did a live internet broadcast of the the event.  We will be posting videos in the near future of the event.  Here is a photo montage of the wonderful evening.  Thank you Al, for 60 years of community service.



Spring is in Full Swing

Conditions are perfect, spring has sprung and it just so happens to be Earth Day on this fine-sun-filled day, so we thought perhaps this is good time to send out a friendly reminder that spring clean-up is just around the bend. It will run for one day only in your area and does not necessarily commit on your regular clean-up day, so we’ve provided you with all the details. Click the link below to view more information on accepted items and schedule.



Innovative in New Minas, is an ACES drop-off Centre for electronics.  We accept:
Here is the ACES site for Nova Scotia.


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