Special Council Meeting In Wolfville, Nova Scotia -for Large Scale Apartment Building. Large Turnout for Meeting.


Innovative did a  live broadcast of  the special meeting held on Feb. 12, 2013 in Wolfville.  Council has tabled the motion once again, so they can further improve the agreement to best suit the needs of the Town of  Wolfville.   There is mixed opinions about the development in general.

The recorded broadcast can be found at http://www.wolfville.co

From: Gregg Morrison, Dir. of Planning
Re: 336 Main Street development proposal
Further to the Council meeting held on January 29th, there were three remaining issues to be resolved with respect to the development proposal at 336 Main Street. Staff have worked with the developer to obtain additional information and respond to the concerns raised by Council members.
1. Mix of dwelling unit types – The developer has anticipated that the final building design will allow for some variety in the dwelling unit designs. At this time he has agreed to commit to the following:
a. A minimum of 13 units with one or two separate bedrooms with at least 4 of these being two bedroom. These units will be from 20% to 60% larger than the standard units.
b. Provision of Barrier Free units to meet the minimum required by the Provincial Building Code.
Note that approximately 5 interior loft units are also likely (with about 50% more floor area), subject to confirmation of building code requirements. See the attached plans of sample unit designs.
The addition of the larger units will result in a reduction in the number of dwelling units. Thus the maximum number of dwelling units specified in the agreement has been reduced to 66 from 71 to reflect the addition of the larger units.
2. Building architecture – The developer is committed to the style and architecture of the building as it now stands with modifications that have been made in response to the Downtown Architectural Guidelines, comments from staff, a Town commissioned consultant report, and review by the Community Development Committee. The developer is nonetheless open to minor adjustments in the façade of the building which could be approved by the Development Officer under the terms of the current development agreement.
3. Access/Egress driveway – Given the request to include a definitive plan for the driveway access/egress, the north south option would have to be eliminated as the details are not finalized at

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