A Hallmark Special Filmed in Nova Scotia

‘Christmas With Holly’

Kicking off the Christmas season this Sunday on ABC will premiere the 247th Hallmark Hall of Fame special, Christmas with Holly.

After a devastating discovery of the death of the mother of six year old Holly, Mark Nagle (Sean Faris) takes the responsibility of taking care of the young girl after the unexpected loss of his sister. The trials and tribulations of recovery are only more palpable by the fact that Holly has not spoken a word since her mother’s death. With the affectionately clumsy help of his two older brothers, they attempt to help raise Holly, while sustaining his coffee shop and roasterie he owns in Friday Harbour, Washington. A freshly heart broken Maggie Conway (ELoise Mumford), recently abandoned at an alter in Seattle by her husband-to-be is expanded to the story line. Maggie escapes to the refuge of Friday Harbour, she takes on the ambition of following her dreams to open a toy store in the small town where she spent as a child. The bustle of the Christmas season has rung in, despite the busy time of year Maggie grows fond of the silent young Holly that visits her shop. So, as the story unravels itself, you’ll take notice of Mark and Maggie perpetually bumping into each other during the holidays in the small proximity of Friday Harbour.

Christmas With Holly, was filmed in Windsor, Nova Scotia. Directed by Emmy Award Winner, Allan Arkush (Heroes, The Temptations, Caddyshack ∏)

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