Wolfville Development Committee Meeting


Council Chambers, Town Hall
359 Main Street


Wolfville Development Committee Meeting on  Thursday, November 22, 2012

Public Participation Meeting – Development Agreement Proposal
Commercial/Residential Development at 336 Main Street. The existing building on the property would be demolished. A new three story building would be constructed to cover nearly 100% of the lot. An underground parking garage will be provided, in addition to the three stories above ground and a green roof amenity area is also part of the proposal. Approximately 500 square metres of commercial space is provided on the main floor. The second and third stories are dedicated to residential use and a total 71 small loft style apartments form the residential component of the development

Click image below to view details from last night’s meeting.

A myriad of concerns were brought to the table on the potential condo development from last night’s Development Committee Meeting.  The underlining subject of fervent conversation undoubtedly addressed student housing. Acadia University is likely to see a rise in student residence next year and prominent space is running out.  The scale of the site plan is anything but modest, the interior design of the 220 square foot units, have an attractive contemporary feel.

The question remains, is Wolfville ready for such a grand development? It’s back to the drawing board for the developers to submit a rehearsed plan at a later date, guided by the suggestions and concerns from the public. Overall, plans were well received.

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