Gaspereau Vineyards Ranked in the Top 25 Wineries of Canada

Article by Taste of Nova Scotia

Gaspereau, N.S. – For the first time ever, a Nova Scotia winery has been named one of Canada’s Top 25 Wineries.  Gaspereau Vineyards, located in the Gaspereau Valley, south of Wolfville, has recently learned about their placing.

“We are so proud of our winemaker, Gina Haverstock and the whole team at Gaspereau Vineyards. Placing 16th out of the 25 top wineries in this country is a first, a wonderful tribute to some great winemaking and it’s a milestone for the Nova Scotia wine industry to be recognized amongst the more established and larger wineries across the country,” says Carl Sparkes, owner of Gaspereau Vineyards.

In addition to the Top 25 award, Gaspereau entered their first ever traditional method sparkling wine, the 2009 Pinot Noir Brut, only to have it become a Gold Medal Winner in the sparkling wine category.  “I am truly blown away by this win.  This is a national competition and we were up against wineries from Ontario and British Columbia, wineries who have been making this type of wine for years.   2009 was the first year  Gaspereau Vineyards made traditional method sparkling so to get a score of 91 and win a gold medal is really, very special.” says the Nova Scotia born, European-trained Haverstock.

Traditional method sparkling wine production is the same process used in French Champagne whereby a secondary fermentation in the bottle produces the carbonation in the wine.  Nova Scotia winemakers are proving that sparkling and still wines crafted here can demonstrate such finesse and character that wine industry experts take notice.

Gaspereau Vineyards entered seven different wines to this competition and six of the seven came home with a medal.  Other winning wines include: silver for the 2011 L’Acadie Blanc and 2011 Riesling, as well as bronze for the 2011 Rose, 2011 Tidal Bay and Reserve Port.

The Canadian Wine Awards, presented by Wine Access Magazine, are held annually, and have grown dramatically in size, success, and national reputation since they began in 2001. Each year, Canada’s leading wine experts evaluate over 1000 wines from across the country, and present awards in nearly two dozen categories.  Over 260 registrations were entered as the judges met in Penticton, British Columbia this past August.

The Pinot Noir Natural Brut will be showcased at the “Meet the Makers of Canadian Gold” evening at the Ottawa Wine & Food Festival, in early November.

Nova Scotia wine lovers should know that there are a limited number of bottles still available at the winery Boutique and at the larger NSLC stores including the following seven locations;  Port of Wines, Bayer’s Lake, Larry Utek Drive, New Minas, Wolfville, Mill Cove and Fall River.

Gaspereau Vineyards is a premium boutique winery located in the Gaspereau Valley, just minutes from Wolfville, Nova Scotia.  The first winery to establish in the valley, Gaspereau Vineyards is situated on the edge of a picturesque, 35-acre vineyard. Best known for outstanding Rieslings, Gaspereau Vineyards specializes in fruit-forward, terroir driven whites, and earthy, robust red wines.

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