David Boyd Visits Wolfville

David Boyd, leading environmental lawyer, launches new book, The Right to a Healthy Environment.


News from Nova Scotia’s Grassroots

Natascia Lypny

Building on his previous book, The Environmental Rights Revolution (2012), David Boyd describes how recognizing the constitutional right to a healthy environment could have a transformative impact, empowering citizens, holding governments and industry accountable, and improving Canada’s green record. David’s new book, The Right to a Healthy Environment, makes the case that constitutional recognition of environmental rights and responsibilities would both reflect and reinforce Canadian values, much as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms confirmed and enhanced our commitment to equality. Copies of The Right to a Healthy Environment, signed by the author, will be available for purchase.

David Boyd’s book tour across Canada is supported by the David Suzuki Foundation and Ecojustice. In Halifax, local sponsors are East Coast Environmental Law, the Environmental Law Students Society and the Marine & Environmental Law Institute, Schulich School of Law. In Wolfville, the local sponsor is Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Acadia University.

David R. Boyd is one of Canada’s leading environmental lawyers, an adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University, and an adviser on environmental policy to governments in Canada and Sweden. He is also an international expert on human rights and the environment, assisting countries from Iceland to Tunisia in securing constitutional protection for the right to a healthy environment.

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