Titanic – 100 Years Past

Amid the final resting place lies over 100 victims of the fatal Titanic voyage, more than any other cemetery in the world. On this glimmering sunny day in Halifax, a resonating sense of nostalgia fills the air with the numerous activities celebrating 100th anniversary of the Titanic tragedy. It was today, April 10 it was exactly 100 years ago today did the White Starline begin her first and last voyage across the Atlantic waters.

We’ll be lingering in the past for this occasion as we make our way through the grave site, marked by small gray granite headstones. A third of the graves go unidentified, these gravestones claim a number which resembles the order in which their body was found and date of death.

Often people will visit the cemetery, moved by the story Titanic has left behind and the perished lives lost to sea. One site of particular interest (apart from the grave that the tour guide discusses in the video above) lies a baby boy that hadn’t been claimed by family; known for centuries as The Unknown Child. In recent years passed has he been identified as 19 month old, Sidney Lesley Goodwin, his family too had been lost to sea.

Keep your eyes and ears open, we’ll keep you posted with more videos to come of our visits to Halifax for the 100th Anniversary Celebrations.

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