MidAmerica Motorcycle Auction 2012 Sets World Record Prices- Innovative Catches the Excitement on Video!

Las Vegas has become a vastly prominent home to auction venues for antique cars and motorcycles. Head auction house MidAmerica Auctions have just celebrated their 21st Annual Auction January 12-14 2012, for antique motorcycles, held at the South Point Hotel.

MidAmerica, again proudly proceeds to set world record prices on over 80% of the motorcycles sold. Setting the standard of antique motorcycle market with $4,600,000 in sales. A huge success, having sold over 500 bikes, three owned to Steve McQueen. McQueen was a famous actor and avid motorcycle collector. As well as guest appearance Barbara McQueen graced the audience with her presence to share memories of her late husband and signed copies of her book, “Steve McQueen: The Last Mile”.

It was hard to pick a favourite out of the vintage beauties, however a stunning 1915 unrestored Iver Johnson sold for $299, 600! Easy to say bidders and sellers alike agreed Johnson to be one of the worlds best original motorcycles.

As this adventure comes to an end another begins for Innovative… stay tuned for more to come.

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