Michael Jackson Auction by Julien’s Auctions is Drawing Near-Innovative is there!

By Ashley MacIntosh

We are in for an incredibly exciting weekend! Innovative is on a road trip, to the sun drenched land of Los Angeles, California. Innovative will be conducting a series of interviews and capturing as much video footage as humanly possible from the fans of a universally beloved icon… none other than the late Michael Jackson.  We will also have great footage of the auction too!


Why? A  highly anticipated auction will be taking place at Julien’s Auctions located Beverly Hills…just up the street from the Famous Rodeo Drive.   We think Calgary, Alberta should have a street like this too!


This isn’t just any auction, Saturday Dec 17th showcases Michael Jackson’s furnishings from his last residence he lived at.  All furnishings will be going up for bid, including his famous mirror. Until then, the suspense is quickly accumulating, this week all of MJ’s memorabilia will be open for the general public to leave behind tributes to the King of Pop and  have one last glance of his living surroundings.


The auction will be sure bring out an inordinate amount of interesting characters and interesting bidding. Be sure to stay tuned!

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